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1800s From Canova to the Fourth State, Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome

from the 29th of February 2008 until the 10th of June 2008

Where: Scuderie del Quirinale
Address: Via XXIV Maggio, 16
Phone: 06 39 96 75 00
Hours: Tue-thu h10-20; fri and sat h10-22,30
Tickets: €10, reduced €7,50

"Ottocento. Da Canova al Quarto Stato (1800s. From Canova to the Fourth State)"
This is the first major exhibition dedicated to Italian 19th century painting, a century during which our country was conquering the rest of Europe with the likes of Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, but still wasn't considered to excel culturally.
The over 100 masterpieces to go on show at the Scuderie del Quirinale show how this century boasted a rich selection of interesting paintings.
Artists such as Appiani, Palagi, Hayez and representatives of the Milanese Romantic School, the Macchiaioli (Fattori, Lega, Signorini) in Florence, the Vedutists of the Posillipo and Morelli School in Naples created works that were free of classical restrictions and who nourished themselves with ideas from the Risorgimento and Romanticism. These paintings showed everyday scenes and highlighted the existential unease of modern man.

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